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Confidently brew the healthiest, tastiest kombucha possible for you and your family, so delicious that even your kids will be begging for more!

Join me in the Scoop On Booch and you will:

Make healthier than store bought kombucha that that will convert even the toughest kombucha critics

Make your own kombucha for cents per bottle versus the high cost of store bought brands

Become a better brewer by learning the tips and tricks of bottling as well as how to make your kombucha fizzy and satisfying 

Increase your energy and reduce sugar cravings by drinking homemade kombucha regularly 

Take the guesswork out of making kombucha and be confident that your brew is safe and nutritious 

Make kombucha that’s not only extremely healthy but that tastes amazing – Try tasty flavor combinations that everyone in your family will love and crave

EASY AS 1, 2, 3…





“Just a quick note to tell you how happy I am that I found your course! I am so excited to finally learn how to brew kombucha at home- and make flavors my kids will actually drink!”


“The Scoop on Booch has been just what I needed to really get started. I’ve had a “Scoby hotel” holding my scobies for so long but I wasn’t ever confident in exactly what to do each step of the way, so I’ve never really done anything with them. Now I’m so excited to get started and have it available to drink all the time! And the recipes are such a great thing to have to not have to guess just starting off.”


Master the Art of Kombucha Brewing

This course guides you through choosing your brew method, curing your brewer, and choosing the best teas to use for superior kombucha

Learn why the continuous brew method makes healthier kombucha and why it is the preferred method of kombucha brewing for home brewers

Discover how to flavor kombucha to make even the biggest skeptic fall in love

build your knowledge & confidence

I walk you through how to correctly identify and prevent kombucha mold, how to brew in cold climates, and how to properly maintain your SCOBY and brew

Use my years of experience to help guide you through the brewing process and problems with clarity and confidence

I help you through all of your brewing, flavoring, & bottling needs so you can enjoy the process and the benefits that kombucha brings

And, when you Enroll Today, you’ll also get access to these extra bonuses…

Bonus #1

The Tasty Booch Recipe Book!


This is a must-have flavor recipe collection that you and your family will love! It includes 27 recipes of traditional favorites and new exciting flavors. 

In it you will find recipes including fruity flavors, herbal ferments, and flowery favorites! Try Chamomile Kombucha for a calming and relaxing beverage, fizzy favorite: Raspberry Lemonade, or a tropical treat: Pineapple Kombucha!

Bonus #2

Organize Your Bottles With Ease & Style!


Do you have a hard time telling your flavored bottles of kombucha apart? Use the bonus label package to label your bottles for better organization

Includes a label for each of the recipes listed in the Tasty Booch Recipe Book. Impress your guests with your healthy homemade brew and custom labels!

Bonus #3

Bonus Recipe Cards!


Want to experiment with your own flavor combinations? Use these recipe cards to record your own awesome creations so that you can easily recreate them in the future!

Create and organize as many recipes as you’d like using these kombucha specific recipe cards.

The Scoop On Booch Includes:


You get The Scoop On Booch course in 7 convenient training modules, including more than 29 lessons, videos and PDFs that you can access from anywhere on any device


Friendly support for any problems you may have– with technology or your kombucha!


Unlimited, lifetime access to all course materials and videos. You can take the class at the pace that works for your schedule and review it as many times as you need


Access to any and all future updates, bonuses, and additions to the course



Full The Scoop On Booch course with 7 modules, 29+ lessons, PDFs, and videos ($127 value)


The Tasty Booch Recipe Book ebook ($19 value)


Kombucha Flavors Label Package ($9 value)


Kombucha Recipe Cards ($5 value)

Total Value: $160


Course Price: $77